Embracing the rain…

October is the month when the rainy season reaches its peak. It rains every single day and it rains a lot. People mostly despise the rain and associate it with wetness and cold. But the truth is that rain is as important as the sun for the life in our planet. Here in the tropics the rain is a refreshing force that makes the jungle feel even more alive. The plants reach their greenest colors and rain isn’t cold at all. A hike through the jungle under the rain to reach the beach at Samsara is an amazing spiritual experience. You feel the connection with life in the jungle in every pore of your naked skin. The forest smiles at you with the sound of the falling pouring rain and your body gets revitalized with this magical fluid from the sky. Just don’t be afraid of the rain, but embrace it as one if not the most important part of the cycle of life in our beloved home planet.

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