Thinking about Samsara

Now after two years in this amazing place called Samsara it’s time for some thoughts I want to share with you. The Summer is coming and the rain is receding. Day after day the sun is getting stronger but the vegetation in the south is always green. Samsara has been the perfect place for me to enjoy not only the relaxing life of being among nature, in the jungle and near the sea, but also the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Learning from their experiences Ím glad to have made the decision to move over here.

Life is exactly what Samsara means, it is a constant movement forward within a cycle of highs and lows, but always looking ahead with a positive thinking. Interacting with our guests had given me the chance to understand that people are wired to follow a path imposed by artificial social constructs. Some guests come here expecting the amenities they are used to have in urban hotels or all inclusive chains. Some express their concerns about mosquitos and the ants and other insects. Some complaint about the noise of the nearby road or the humming of the air conditioning or the conversations they listen from the neighbor rooms. Slowly their souls get poisoned by the negative energy of looking only at the things they may not like but which aren’t truly important in a place like this,

To be honest, most people I have met here are on the positive side of the spectrum. They understand that Samsara is about being closer to nature and having the opportunity to move around the area visiting spectacular sites which are at the touch of your hand by being precisely just by the main road not having the stress to drive through dirty roads to reach them. They know that the room with a very comfortable bed, rustic design, but with the minimalistic amenities of a roof fan, air conditioning, cable tv and WiFi, is just the place to enjoy a short rest before going for the next adventure. But some on the other side aren’t really prepared for the type of experience the real Costa Rica is about. If you get here thinking of paved trails through the jungle, a beach with chairs and umbrellas and a drink in your hand, a room with a minibar and a swimming up bar in the pool, you are obviously coming to the wrong place.

Samsara is about experiencing the nature with a minimum level of comfort, no hair dryer in the bathroom, no room service 24/7, no coffeemaker in the room. On the other hand, you get a private but wild path through the jungle that takes you to one of the most astonishing beaches in the country, one of the few places where you can be alone by the jungle and the sea in a sandy beach without vendors or kiosks or any man made constructions. You can also relax in a secluded pool surrounded by the green vegetation and also taste some typical Cuban food in our Old Havana Restaurant.

And I can tell,you from my own experience, keeping a positive thought about the things around you, about the people you meet, about the culture you are visiting is the only way to really enjoy the chance you have of being in this amazing world. I do truly believe that karma is something that you build day after day in your life. By being positive and letting the good energy enter your mind, you will feel like you truly have a purpose being here in this planet. No matter where you are and what you do, whenever you start seeing only the dark things around you_ which obviously they are and have to be because otherwise, if everything would be of your pleasure, then life would be a really boring path to go through_ you stop looking at the bright pieces of joy that are just waiting for you and then you let the negativity involve your soul and poison your mind with a unreal,picture you created yourself for yourself.

My advice to my friends is this, look around you, find the beauty in the details, in nature or in a piece of art, enjoy having a good conversation and try to help any other creature around you, human or not, and then you will feel like the meaning of life is just precisely that, building up your karma, enriching your soul with these positive experiences and living every second to the fullest, because your trip can end suddenly at any moment and the only thing you will take with you to the other side are the memories and experiences you have made yourself enjoy while going through this cycle of life called Samsara.

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