Costa Rica is considered to have the highest density of biodiversity of any country on this planet. Therefore it is without doubt one of the most extraordinary places in the world to embark on a new adventure. The HOTEL SAMSARA is precisely that, an awaiting challenge for us in every sense, and an enticing opportunity to get to know a wonderful society where its people understand the true value of living in harmony.

The unique beauty of the South Pacific region, with special emphasis on the Dominical-Uvita-Ojochal area, is a paradise with year-round jungle vegetation descending through the hills of the rainforest all the way down to the shore of the warm ocean. Spectacular waves add a perennial musical rhythm to this fantastic scenery creating the perfect playground for both amateur and professional surfers and those who just enjoy the playful waves, jumping up and down between laughs with them.

Hotel Samsara is a joint-owned venture between two Cuban-Canadian couples who were born and raised in Cuba. A Caribbean island rich in diverse culture and surrounded by the architectonic wonders of Havana.

After leaving our country in search of more opportunity we successfully established ourselves for many years in Toronto, Canada, a wonderful ultra-modern city offering us every amenity the developed world could offer. However, we still felt as if something were missing.

Understanding that life’s happiness is not about having material conveniences, but is also about establishing great memories, experimenting new challenges and finding peace in the harmonious interaction with nature. It is with great pleasure that we embark on this new journey. Out of love and respect for our planet this opportunity has enabled us to explore the wonderful Tico culture while also interacting with many different people from all over the world in an environment far from the stresses of the polluted nature in which we were accustomed to.

Upon our search and travels we feel that we have truly found that place here in Uvita and the OSA Peninsula. Providing the perfect balance, it was in no time we decided to acquire this stunning property which exceeded all of our expectations. What we found was a diverse landscape of jungle trails, a long stretch of natural beach, and within it nestled a picturesque intimate hotel where we can share with new friends with a feeling that instantly felt like home. This was very evident even after visiting for only short time.

We chose the name Samsara as it reflects on the essence of life and the different stages of our journey. Our feeling was that Samsara was a perfect fit in portraying our evolving as human beings in this eternal circle of self-discovery. From birth to our last breath we must experience diverse emotional states and find in each of them the values and virtues which form our karma, giving without hesitation without material reward, treating those around us with respect and learning to love each living soul that crosses your path. If you ask us what is the meaning of all this? Our answer will always be the same. Enjoy the ride on the circle of life!! Samsara is in the path of all of all of our experiences. Through our actions and emotions we strengthen our hearts and minds which are in constant evolution of seeking harmony in becoming a better version of oneself.

Today we begin a new chapter at Samsara!! A gracious thank you to all of those who have received us with open arms and with the help of the amazing spirit reigning over this little, but extraordinary country we would like to welcome the best of ourselves to all friends, old and new to enjoy in a little piece of paradise.

We invite all to our Hotel Samsara and may all who come as guests leave as friends.

Your grateful hosts, Sibila y Raul.