The Whales are here…

September is the best month of the year to watch a large number of whales having their offsprings in the warm waters of the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. I don’t know if this is pure coincidence or some extraordinary higher design but it is really amazing that these beautiful creatures of the sea select this specific area known for the famous Whale Tail sand formation off Uvita beach. Our guests receive a great price deal when booking their tours with us. Uvita tour operators give us a preferential rate and a wonderful customer service with pickup and drop off at the same hotel. This tour of around 3 hours in a very comfortable boat takes you to see the beautiful coast from the sea side including famous beaches and caves. The main attraction is obviously sailing along the whales and their cute babies. seeing these splendid creatures in their natural habitat is a truly unforgettable experience we highly recommend to all our guests. These tours are available all year around but between August and October you will be awarded with the astonishing sight of a whale jumping out of the water or witnessing the tender play between the mom whale and her baby whale.

Welcome to Jurassic Park

This giant saurio is the famous Green Iguana of Costa Rica. They can measure up to 6 feet long and weight up to 12 pounds. The one in the picture is called Nemesia, and she lives within the vast jungle garden of the Hotel Samsara. The green iguanas love to sunbath on top of the tall trees but sometime they find a hard time keeping their grips and fall down to the ground. That’s what happened to Nemesia yesterday. She fell down from the tree to the roof of the owners cabin located in the lower region of the garden. After the shock from the fall she quickly recovered, walked around on the roof until she found the lowest point to make a final jump down to the ground. We were worried about her health but locals explained that the green iguanas know a trick, when they sense the fall, they just inhale a large amount of air inflating their entire body to help them copy when hitting the surface down below. They may stay frozen for a while looking like they are dead but then suddenly they make a full recovery and quickly continue their voyage to climb up again to another tree hoping this time the sunbathing activity would have a better ending.

Living our Samsara

Samsara for the people of the Vedas means literarily the Wheel of Life. The interpretation of that is very ample. For some it could mean being imprisoned in the nature of our material body. But in reality the meaning of Samsara, as it came to us from the ones who created the ancient Veda civilization in the Indian subcontinent, is about a state of mind, a constant struggle to find happiness inside our soul, but always in a positive way, looking ahead for new challenges, embracing our surroundings and making them an integral part of our living experience. This is why we put this name to our little hotel in the South Pacific area of Costa Rica. Living our Samsara means to us meeting new people from all over the world, sharing with them our thoughts and learning from theirs in a mutual exchange of vital energy which at the end makes our own soul feel connected to not only the human family but to the rest of the creatures which share our space in this home we call Planet Earth. Single little thing like the fly of a butterfly, the singing of a bird, the rain falling down in a tumultuous pouring all over us, the jungle movements and the ocean waves, all of that you have to learn how to feel it through this special connection we can establish with Mother Nature and this is what Samsara is all about, a fantastic place where we can mingle with these other souls, learning from their experiences to become a better version of ourselves..

Feeling the planet…

One morning just before the sunrise I was walking down the path that goes all across the property and ends up at a virgin beach when I saw a family of white-faced monkeys looking at me from the branches above me. They were staring with obvious interest, probably wondering what type of weird monkey was this stranger creature that was walking on the ground with two feet. They weren’t afraid but curious. They felt safe up there, high enough to be out of my reach but close enough to follow my every move. Then I saw a mother whispering something to her little one in her arms. Maybe she was teaching her baby a few things about us.

Look, that monkey down there is called Human. They are a dangerous specie. They think they are smart but they are not. They are like viruses, you know. They deplete every resource they find on their way. They believe happiness is about creating boxes and filling them with stuff and then they make even bigger boxes and fill them with more stuff. Poor things these Humans, they forgot from where they once came. Look at that one, wearing what they call clothing in the middle of this heat and humidity. And those things on their feet are called shoes. They can’t feel the vibe of the earth anymore. Those fabrics isolate their soul from their surroundings.

Then I took off my shoes and my clothes, extended my arms and this way I let them know that I was also part of this wonderful organism called Planet Earth. I continued my walk feeling the vibe of the earth through my bare feet, the breeze from the ocean caressing my naked skin, the breath of the planet touching my soul and with a smile on my face I went back to our Samsara.


From Denmark to Samsara with love…

Come and stay with us…

By The Jungle & The Ocean

Into the Wilderness


This island is my home

This is my new home. The Hotel Samsara is embedded among one of the most astonishing surroundings in Uvita, county of Osa, in the South Pacific shores of Costa Rica. The moment we saw it we fell in love with this place. The sounds of the nearby waves mixed with the murmurs of the green forest create the magical score for this quasi illusory reality which I call my very own Samsara. I invite you to experience this on your own and let this place shelter your soul as it did with mine.


More green than watercolours

What do you do when nature surprises you with something far beyond the ordinary? Could you believe it? A coconut fell on the trunk of a tree washed out by the ocean at the beach and managed to stay in perfect equilibrium. And then I wondered if this was some sort of a sign. Maybe is the magic of this place that makes unexpected things happen, breaking the routine of your day in a way that reaffirms the need for a change and new challenges in your life while, at the same time, keeping the balance of your karma, enjoying just the very moment you are in. This is precisely what this place is about, to make you find the peace inside yourself, within your wheel of life, your very own Samsara.


When you simply have to smile…

Sometimes I feel the need to be alone with the majestic display that nature stores for us in this magical place called Hotel Samsara. Taking a short walk through the jungle within the property of the hotel you end up into a piece of virgen beach, far from any man made structure, surrounded by a wild forest engaged in a perennial kiss back and forth with the black volcanic sand caressed by the ocean.  Then you wait for a little while and voila, the sunset tints everything around you with a golden veil, suddenly you see yourself as if you were in another world, in some kind of an intimate connection with the universal energy to which we all belong. And then you simply have to smile.