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Two years of Samsara. Bye 2019

There is nothing like collecting memories. Here is a video with images of our two years of operation.

Thinking about Samsara

Now after two years in this amazing place called Samsara it’s time for some thoughts I want to share with you. The Summer is coming and the rain is receding. Day after day the sun is getting stronger but the vegetation in the south is always green. Samsara has been the perfect place for me to enjoy not only the relaxing life of being … Read More Thinking about Samsara

Tales from the Jungle and the Sea

The South of Costa Rica is the most beautiful part of this amazing country and Samsara in just here by the road with a jungle backyard and a path that takes you directly to the beach within the Marino Ballena National Park. The Samsara experience is unique in the sense of being close to many amenities with easy access by car and at the … Read More Tales from the Jungle and the Sea

The whales are here by our Samsara

There is no more impressive experience in the ocean than a close up and personal encounter with these majestic creatures. They teach us about the great beauty we need to protect for our future generations. Here just at our shores we offer our guests an amazing tour which takes you around fantastic coastal views of the Marino Ballena National Park and you will be … Read More The whales are here by our Samsara

The Mistery and the Adventure

There are special places that make you feel alive. Walking through the path of the jungle along the river, crossing a hanging bridge and finding one of the most astonishing beaches of Costa Rica, following the trail made by the amazing leaf cutter ants, meeting a monkey, a toucan or a green iguana, listening to the whispers among the forests, surfing the tall waves … Read More The Mistery and the Adventure

The Samsara Adventure

Our little hotel is an adventure of itself. First because of the easy access from the main road you don’t need any special vehicle to get here and you are close to many attractions in the area. Secondly it has the famous Path of the Jungle which takes us along the river through a hanging bridge to the amazing and isolated Playa Colonia o … Read More The Samsara Adventure

Samsara embraces Envision

Samsara is embracing this year Envision Festival. During those days the hotel becomes a host for Envision fans and guests who choose to stay with us. With direct access to the beach and located less than 3 kms from the Envision official site, we get involved in the ambience of art, music and feast that this worl famous gathering is about. Let’s the spirit … Read More Samsara embraces Envision


A Taste of Cuba in Uvita

Now you can taste real Cuban food in Uvita. The hotel has a restaurant on site called “La Vieja Habana”( The Old Havana). The restaurant serves breakfast and dinner between 7.00 am and 9am in the morning for breakfast and between 6pm and 8:30 pm in the evenings. Lunch can also be served by reservation only calling our phone number 2743-8081 or via WhatsApp … Read More A Taste of Cuba in Uvita

Samsara from the air…

Samsara is not just a little cozy hotel in the South Pacific region of Costa Rica, it is a magnificent blend of nature where the jungle and the ocean join forces together to create a unique experience. This aerial view of the property includes the main buildings where the rooms and the reception are located, the restaurant, the pool and the path through the … Read More Samsara from the air…

The Planet of the Apes

Samsara is being currently invaded by a band of white faced monkeys. They are all over the place, running through the railings and jumping on the electrical cables. At the end, this is their territory and we happen to be in the middle of it. Therefore we welcome them with an assortment of wild bananas that grow in our gardens even when our Chief … Read More The Planet of the Apes

Walking the path…

Every morning I go for a walk through the jungle path and into the beach. Sometimes I take my dogs Cosí and Max with me and sometimes my wife Sibila goes with us too. The path is an amazing experience and it is different day by day because the jungle is alive and every time some new plant or some new creature can be … Read More Walking the path…

Embracing the rain…

October is the month when the rainy season reaches its peak. It rains every single day and it rains a lot. People mostly despise the rain and associate it with wetness and cold. But the truth is that rain is as important as the sun for the life in our planet. Here in the tropics the rain is a refreshing force that makes the … Read More Embracing the rain…